Published on Thu, 13 Apr 2017
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Kanrich Finance is popular for its pioneering mission in the field of Micro Finance, Leasing and Hire Purchasing and has been a trusted name in Sri Lanka since its inception. Whilst the primary service provided by Kanrich Finance remains Micro finance in the year 2015, it also introduced a product mix, by extending their services to the real estate sector.

Real Estate

Real Estate is predominantly based on the housing needs of people and housing remains a basic need for all human beings and it is the trusted belief that the demand for land will never reach a level of saturation. However, we only have a limited supply of land and space that could be developed and utilised efficiently and productively. Thus in order to meet the rising demand for land and meet the client expectation, it is vital to name an effective and efficient Real Estate management nowadays.

A name synonymous with trusted excellence

Trust and reliability remains the pillars on which a business is built upon and it is an essential part of real estate. Maintaining the trust of their clientele essentially remains the number one focal point of Kanrich Finance. They only consider lands with clear deeds and a deed must have clear ownership spanning at least 30 years in order for Kanrich Finance to invest on such lands to be blocked and sold to their trusted clientele.

Land development

Subsequent to investing in a land, it is essential that a lot of preparation and development goes into the purchased land in order to market it attractively to the clients. Pipe water lines, electricity, sewage and tarred or concrete paved roads form the essentials that should be considered when introducing a land to the market and all these are well in place when it comes to real estate with Kanrich Finance. Furthermore, Kanrich Finance provides all vital components that are essential for building a house.

Easy Payment schemes

The sole intention of Kanrich Finance remains to provide their trusted clientele a land of their dreams at an affordable price. It is with this intention that they have introduced easy payment schemes for their lands making it more convenient for their trusted clientele. With this scheme after making the down payment the clients have a period of 7 years to settle the rest of the payment in instalments. Furthermore, this process requires minimum documentation and ensures maximum transparency guaranteeing the security and well-being of the client. Extending full assistance in documentation preparation for bank loans is another value addition provided by Kanrich Finance as a complimentary service for their valuable clientele.

For middle income earners

Whilst all tiers in society could benefit from these newest real estate schemes, the company’s main target group remains the middle income earners. Wayamba province has recorded the highest land sales for Kanrich with a recorded 90% of lands being sold on the same day and Gampaha district land sales also displayed similar records. It is indeed a blessing that a newly introduced service is embraced with such warm reception. This speaks proof for itself of the trusted excellence Kanrich finance has established over the years and it is testimony of the fair and competitive pricing of the lands they introduce to the market and the high quality of the lands.

Speaking on this newest service introduced by Kanrich Finance, Senior Manager, real estate sales, Kanrich Finance, Mr Rathnasiri Ileperuma expressed his views, “I joined Kanrich Finance in the year 2015 as head of real estate sales division and I must say that Kanrich has successfully ventured into product mix with their entrance into the real estate industry. The sole intention was to establish the company further as a financial giant and to ensure sustainable financial stability of the company in the long run. We are proud to say we have already completed many successful real estate projects. The experience and expertise we gained from all these are priceless. With all these new improvements we hope to manage our finances effectively to achieve higher investments at the end of 2017. We have already ear marked a few districts where these investments would be made. Our branch networks presented in these districts are already making the necessary preparations for these projects and would be spearheaded by the corresponding main branches in the districts. The initial preparations are already in place with expert staff and technical personnel recruited to oversee the purchasing, development and sales processes. This enables Kanrich finance to ensure that their customers gain access to property with clear deeds. Kanrich also works closely with the divisional and district secretariats of the districts in meeting the legal and environment requirements pertaining to development and sales, taking a holistic approach towards the whole process. ” Mr.Rathnasiri comes with over 28 years of experience in the real estate field and is a pioneer in the field with a lot of expertise in the field.

Also sharing his experience with us was General Manager Kanrich Finance Mr. Sadeepa Rathnayake. He enthusiastically shared his thoughts on how Kanrich becomes special amongst others, responsible real estate practices at Kanrich and their future plans. “As a responsible finance company in the country, our mission lies in delivering our clients with competitively but affordably priced lands equipped with water, electricity and paved roads in ready to live conditions. We ensure that irrelevant of the geographical location of the land, all legal and statutory obligations are met by closely working with the provincial and the district secretariats of the corresponding areas. Thus our direction takes us gradually and steadily towards development as we target suburbs and develop them into new neighbourhoods and housing schemes. Every new establishment gets a new address and urbanization takes place creating positive change. This is development at grass root level and something every society must reckon with. I must explain as to why the publicity come to us when so many Real Estate solution providers are also in existence. I believe it is because Kanrich Finance makes change happen, Kanrich acts as a changing agent and views the things in a different perspective and always promotes positivity. Also we are a company who swim against the tide, who conceptualize new thinking and we are always looking to establish a positive culture. We vouch to maintain the trust we have gained as a trusted financial company. We enthusiastically put in a lot of effort to ensure our clients get clear deeds at the time of purchasing and as a pioneer financial institute in the country this task is made easier by our panel of experts. When talking about our future plans, we hope to expand our Real Estate presence and hope to establish it as a profit making division.  We aim to deliver our clients lands in ready to live conditions with ensured clear deeds. We aim to promote new neighbourhoods that are pleasant to live in and all in all we aim to become the ultimate Real Estate provider in Sri Lanka.

Experienced staff and efficient branch network

Kanrich Finance boasts of an expert staff with a wealth of experience. The new staff joining the team, at the time of recruitment goes through an extensive training, attending a series of well-defined workshops. The branch managers are equipped with an insight to make the correct land investments.  Most of all, the staff at all Kanrich finance is very friendly and considerate when it comes to clients’ services. The extensive branch network ensures that clients could select their lands and purchase them from anywhere in Sri Lanka.  They also have the facility to pre reserve a land and make instalment payments through any of the branches.

Kanrich Finance is sure to become the pioneer in real estate soon with their rapid growth and expansion plans. Thus it could be ensured that all Sri Lankans could look forward to own a land that is delivered in ready to live in condition managed by a trusted name in the field, ensuring maximum client satisfaction.


Mr. Sadeepa Rathnayake General Manager

Mr. Rathnasiri Ileperuma Senior Manager, Real Estate