Published on Wed, 3 May 2017
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Kanrich Finance, a trusted financial company with a rich heritage of over 45 years has also been a pioneer in carrying out CSR initiatives that reaches out to the hearts of the people. ‘Kanrich Sasunata Diriyak’ is one such CSR initiative that has been incepted with the aim of supporting and uplifting places of religious significance that are in need of an extra helping hand in better serving their religious communities. Over the course of last 12 phases of ‘Sasunta Diriyak,’ Kanrich finance has successfully renovated and contributed to uplift 12 such religiously significant places all over the country.

The 13th phase of this much momentous programme was successfully carried out at the Mihindugama Sri Abayaraja Viharaya in Rathnapura at a request made by the chief incumbent Ven. Rathnapura Sumana Thero to construct a ‘Dhana Shalawa’ as a much needed facility of the viharaya. The newly constructed dhana shalwa was auspiciously donated to the viharaya at a ceremony held recently. This occasion was attended by Assistant General Manager, Mr. Thushara Wijewardhana, Branch Manager, Rathnapura, Mr. Nadeeka Jayasundara, Manager, Mr. Theekshana Nuwan, the members of Kanrich staff and

the participation of a large number of celebrants.

‘Sasunata Diriyak’ CSR initiative carried out on every Poya Day was conceptualized by Mr. Shiran Weerasinghe, CEO, Kanrich Finance Ltd. This initiative receives the generous and constant support of the senior management and the staff alike. Kanrich Finance considers it as an important and a significant call to contribute to the upliftment and revival of all religious places alike without any reservation to religion, caste or creed.