Published on Wed, 3 May 2017
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Kanrich Finance ‘Sasunata Diriyak’ programme was successfully carried out for the 14th consecutive time at the Embilipitiya Kavanthissapura Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Viharaya on this Medin poya day. The revival, maintenance and sustenance of places of religious significance remain the main focus of this CSR initiative. Initiated and carried out under the directive and patronage of the senior management and staff members of Kanrich Finance, ‘Sasunata Diriyak’ was conceptualised by Mr. Shiran Weerasinghe, CEO, Kanrich Finance.

As the 14th phase, the construction of a bell tower for the Embilipytiya Kavanthissapura Sri Sambuddhi Jayanthi viharaya was carried out under the patronage of Kanrich Finance on a request made by the dayaka sabhawa of the temple. The project was carried out under the guidance and directive of the Chief incumbent of the Embilipytiya Kavanthissapura Sri Sambuddhi Jayanthi Viharaya, Ven. Maellakatigoda Piyathissa Thero.  The occasion was also marked by an alms giving organised for over 100 devotees observing Sil on Poya day. Mrs. Shyamini Fernando, Assistant General Manager, Kanrich Finance, Mr. Rasika Theekshana Nuwan, Regional Manager, Kanrich Finance, Mr. T. Wasantha Pushpakumara, Manager Kanrich Finance Embilipitiya Branch, Kanrich Finance staff members and a large number of devotees and local residents were present at this occasion.

Kanrich Finance Pvt Ltd has played a pivotal role in uplifting the lives and livelihoods of Sri Lankan people for over 45 years with their unique and trusted financial solutions and has always been a number one choice with their trusted clientele. Reaching out to Sri Lankans in delivering their corporate responsibility, Kanrich Finance has many a CSR initiatives under their name. With all their CSR initiatives’ reaching far and wide, ‘Sasunata Diriyak’ initiative has also made significant contributions in identifying and meeting the needs of 14 religious places of worship to date and will continue to do so in the coming months.  Kanrich Finance remains a pioneer in providing micro financial solutions to Sri Lanka and this is yet another attempt at ensuring the holistic wellbeing of Sri Lankan people extending their support to all communities alike.